What We Do


QHTR is a registered 501c3 non profit organization. The success of our programs depends entirely on volunteers.  We rely on donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses to provide for the feeding and care of our horses and for the maintenance of their stalls, paddocks, training areas, and trails.

Our mission at Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred Retirement (QHTR) is to provide retired racehorses with a safe place to go when their racing days are over.  Many ex-racehorses find themselves in homes where they are not well cared for and are neglected.  Many encounter a worse fate when they are transported to Mexico or Canada and are never heard from again.

What We Do

Here at QHTR an incoming racehorse is given time to adjust to a new environment, an opportunity to rehabilitate injuries, training in skills that  may lead to new careers and to finding new homes.  We also provide sanctuary for horses that are not adoptable due to injuries or temperament.Transporting horses

Upon arrival, we evaluate the physical and emotional needs of each horse.  This  includes allowing for let down time – adjusting to a new environment. It also involves a treatment protocol for rehabilitation of any  injuries. READ MORE. . .

Soon training can begin with the evaluation of a horse’s abilities and interests. Our training focuses on  retraining of skills learned from the racetrack to new skills they will need now. Programs include ground work, training in dressage, jumping, and eventing. READ MORE. . .

Our adoption program includes many facets. The adoption process is lengthy-including interviews, on site visits, and application forms asking for information about stabling, vet care, and knowledge of horses.  We also want to know what your personal riding  skills are, what activities you will be doing with your horse, and why you like horses!  READ MORE. . .

Some horses are available for off-site and on-site leasing.  Leasing also involves documentation as in adoption, but this situation differs in length of time, and purpose.Norm loves to get brushed

We have a horse sponsorship program that gives someone the opportunity to help their favorite racehorse with a monthly monetary donation.  They can also help by donating feed, grooming tools, and supplies. A sponsor can give their time to  brush, walk, and graze their sponsored horse.

Sanctuary is also available for some horses. This means they have a forever home on the farm. Sanctuary horses can be sponsored.  They also  like to be groomed and grazed!  Perhaps you have time to spend with them.

At Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred Retirement, we often become aware of horses that have behavioral issues or that need to be relocated for many different reasons.  We use inquires on our website, and on our Facebook page to further our mission in order to find solutions for these horses when we can.  Through networking we have been able to help several horses.  A networking team is being formed so that we can reach out to help horses and owners needing us.

Our foster care program helps us care for a horse in an emergency situation until we can find a more permanent home.  We use our website, social media, e-mail, and phone calls. Do you have ideas to share?  If you would like to join our Networking TeamContact Us 

 Thank you for helping us reach our goals!