Ways to Help


Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred Retirement
is  a registered nonprofit organization. We depend on volunteers to care for the horses and to maintain their paddock and training areas. We are all volunteers here.  Learn more about  becoming a volunteer, and let us know if you have more ideas or ways to help!

This year especially, we are focusing on fundraising and grant writing. If you have experience and interest in these areas, we  would like to discuss them with you. Donation of your time is very much appreciated. Please contact us.

Spring cleaning – our yard is a mess!  Lawn area used for grazing is covered in thick mud from installing a new watering system. Small brush (used to be small weeds) growing under our fences need to be removed. Tree limbs need trimming along riding areas – or heads will roll!  After a long winter, come join us outside this spring. Volunteering your time and expertise in this effort will be appreciated.

Have you always wanted a horse, dreamed of having one in your back yard?  But, you do not have a back yard barn or pasture!  You can still have your dream by helping to care for a favorite thoroughbred racehorse right here at QHTR.  Learn about sponsoring a horse and come to visit the horses in our barn.  Call us at 207- 432-0929. You can also get to know the horses here : Horses at Queen of Hearts Retirement.

Donations are needed to feed the horses and cover veterinary  care and training. There are many ways to donate, some are listed on our donate page. We also have an extensive wish list from which you can donate items other than cash.

Specific Donation Funds are a way to donate for a particular cause or to a currant fundraising event.  Examples are the Veterinary Fund and the Trail Building Fund.

You can also Follow us on Facebook.

Thank you for your interest in QHTR!