We have a horse sponsorship program that gives someone the opportunity to help their favorite horse.  With a monthly monetary donation you will be helping Norm loves to get brushedyour sponsored horse receive training, attend horse competitions, and receive medical care.  A sponsor can also donate feed, grooming tools, and supplies.
Sponsors will receive photos and email updates of their sponsored horse.  A sponsor can schedule a time to visit  and brush their favorite horse.  You can see how much Norm loves to be brushed!

Any horse here at QHTR can receive sponsorship including our sanctuary horses and horses placed elsewhere for special training. Our pony Star is not on our sponsorship list even though he is adorable!.  You can be a sponsor even if you are not in our geographic location.

          To get started with a sponsorship:
  • Check out our horses, find one that is special to you
  • Decide on a sponsorship level you are comfortable with, and that you can donate on a monthly or yearly basis
  • Visit our sponsor a horse page to read more
  • Our donate page has a form to fill out

Contact us for more information. Thank you for your interest in Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred horses!