Specific Donation Funds

Specific Donation Funds

We have specific donation funds such as the veterinary donation fund which addresses the care and treatment of injured horses, and the building of trails donation fund. You can specify where you want your money to be placed. If you are interested in one of these funds, click on the donate button near image.

Veterinary Fund

Little Filly gets a temporary enclosure


Little Filly Gets A Temporary Enclosure

This was a temporary enclosure for Little Filly.  When she first arrived at QHTR, she had an injured hock which required seven months of stall rest.  This is why we built her an outside “stall” which she loved, and which helped heal her injury.  This fund also covers veterinary treatments,  visits to clinics and medications.

Trail Building Fund

Helping with the trails


Helping With The Trails

It seems as if our trail system plan has been in effect for a very long time!  We have had great volunteers to help get us started but there is still more to be done.   Costs include heavy equipment to move trees, roots, and boulders; landfill, and tree trimming.