Sanctuary Horses


Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred Retirement also offers limited space for sanctuary horses who cannot be adopted due to old racing injuries or temperament. These horses will live out their days at the farm enjoying the retirement they deserve.

Sanctuary horses can be sponsored. They also  like to be groomed and grazed!  Perhaps you have time to spend with them.

These are our sanctuary horses.

Gentleman Jolie – We call him Jimmy

Jimmy is the big Daddy on the farm.

Jimmy likes to care for foals and for new comers to our farm. He is very gentle and very protective. When Kelsey’s pony Star was first turned out with the big boys, he was chased and chased until Jimmy stepped in to protect him.  You can see that after the drama, Jimmy and Star became friends. He is truly a gentleman! READ MORE. . .

Bold Switzer – We call him Switzer

Switzer is the leader of the pack and he doesn’t need a motorcycle!

The run-in stall belongs to Switzer – no one enters unless he says so , snow rain or shine! The piles of hay are his. All water sources, totally his. Treats – well he gets them first! READ MORE. . .

Big Bad Norm – We call him Norm

Big Bad Norm really is bad – but in a cool way!

Norm can do and will do anything you ask of him.  He loves to jump, go on trail rides and exercise on the beach, especially going as far as he can into the water.  Norm is such  a well rounded multi talented, cool horse. READ MORE. . .