Rehome Horses


Norman gets a kissA blue ribbon kiss for Kippy






Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred Retirement (QHTR) has a mission  to rehome horses after their racing careers are over.  Most former racehorses are very talented athletes and want to  be challenged.  They are trainable and well suited for dressage, stadium and cross country  jumping, eventing, pleasure horse and trail  riding. Some may become companion horses.

Once they have been rehabilitated and retrained  they are ready to embark on  new careers.  Many off-track racehorses have found success in polo, barrel racing, and endurance trail riding.  Some have even achieved recognition at national levels in dressage and jumping events.

Rehome Requirements

  • a real commitment to providing a long term home
  • a property or boarding facility with stabling and sturdy horse fencing
  • a verifiable relationship with a veterinarian, a farrier, as well as an equine dentist
  • level of knowledge and riding experience to handle, and care for a horse
  • a thoroughbred size trailer for transport; shipping can also be arranged.

If you do not have a stabling facility to own a horse but would like to pursue your interest in eventing or trail riding, we have horses that could be leased on-site.

If you are interested in adopting or leasing a thoroughbred racehorse contact us.