Horses at Queen of Hearts Retirement


Each horse here at Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred Retirement is a retired racehorse.  Each receives rehabilitation when needed.   After a time of transition from their racetrack careers, they begin a program retraining them in skills that can lead to new careers. Some of our horses are ready for new homes, or a lease situation.  Some can be companion horses or trail riders, eventers and jumpers. Meet our horses!

Lacoradora – We call her Cori


Cori has the softest nose in the barn. 

Cori arrived at QHTR in the summer, following an injury received while racing. It took a while to rehabilitate her bowed tendon. Eventually  winter presented it’s first snow and Cori’s stall door opened. She was quite surprised to see the snow and would not go outside! READ MORE. . .


Devil’s Bridge – We call her Little Filly


Little Filly came to us from Florida and when it snowed, she was really confused!

She was always very shy and wouldn’t accept treats. Our volunteer Alex brought her out of her shell. We started to see her playful side. Read More. . .


Shapleigh Benz – We call him Ben


No one believed Ben could be a racehorse, he was Maine bred after all!

How Ben came to be a racehorse is a long story- including an injury which could have claimed his life.
There were many days of training on the farm before the day arrived for Ben to go to the track at Suffolk Downs.  READ MORE. . .


Kip the Change – We call him Kippy


Kippy loves to run and play!  But give him a challenge and he becomes very serious.

At the racetrack, he was all business.  Kippy became fit, learned to break out of  the gate quickly, pleased the crowd in the post parade, and came in second in his very first race! His first race was his last.  He was retired to QHTR and soon became just as serious about jumping and dressage. READ MORE. . .


Tiger Like – We call her Tiger


Tiger is a very serious horse, knows what she wants and just how to get it!

Tiger is very powerful. When she raced, she used her strength and determination to always come from behind to win. Here on the farm Tiger likes being ridden on the road, training for jumping not so much – but she can jump! Read More. . .


Horses at QHTR

The horses available for off-site leasing are Lacoradora and Devil’s Bridge.

On-site leasing is an option for Shapleigh Benz, Kip the Change and Tiger Like.  They would only be leased to advanced riders. We found  a brief description of different riding levels, at the Days End Farm Horse Rescue website.

If you are not interested in leasing a horses , you may want to sponsor one of these  great racehorses and help make our mission possible. QHTR provides a safe haven and training for new careers.

Thank you for your interest in our thoroughbred athletes.