Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred Retirement is a registered 501c3 charitable organization.  Our mission is to help thoroughbred racehorses find a safe home after their racing days are over. An important component in being successful is education.

Our main goals for education are to:

  •  inform horse enthusiasts and the general public about our work here at QHTR
  •  retrain off the track thoroughbreds for new careers and as great companion horses
  •  train volunteers in horsemanship
  •  provide continuing support to new horse owners, foster care providers, and to those who lease or sponsor a horse

Our educational program will meet these goals in several ways.  We will be developing a blog and a newsletter.

We will have a handbook for volunteers to help with their orientation and to clarify QHTR barn rules and procedures, including emergency situations.

Workshops and clinics will be offered to improve our riding and training skills and to increase our knowledge of horse care and barn management.

Our educational program is part of our marketing strategy and will offer brochures and other printed materials at community events, horse shows and fundraisers. These materials will provide lists of articles they can find on our website, and handouts covering topics such as owner responsibility, horse grooming, stall management, safety on trail rides,  first aid, photography and communicating with horses.

 If you have ideas to share or questions please feel free to contact us!