Donate Time


There are many  ways you can donate time. Help us make our mission possible. QHTR provides a safe place for racehorses to go after their racing careers are over. These equine athletes need to find new careers and new homes. We rehabilitate and retrain them to meet these goals.

Queen of hearts Thoroughbred Retirement has a volunteer program with opportunities for individuals, families, businesses, clubs, schools, and community service organizations.

As an individual, if you love horses and want to learn more about them, become a volunteer and get first hand experience in how to handle and care for them. If you have experience with horses, you can help to teach new volunteers.  Or you can use your experience in any of our many programs.

We are also looking for individuals to donate their time in the areas of fundraising, marketing and grant writing.

Families wanting to encourage an interest in horses and the responsibilities involved, can schedule a time to help with barn chores, and with maintaining the paddocks and trails.

Businesses often send a group of employees to spend a day helping nonprofit organizations.  We have lots to do and can use your time and effort to make trail signs, check fencing for damage, and clear paddocks of nails and rocks etc.

Clubs can earn badges, do research and take photos for our publicity brochures. A club can also choose a horse as a mascot and be responsible for it’s care through fundraising projects.

There is a lot of potential to donate time within a school. Clubs with a community service  orientation can spend an afternoon at the farm to help with fall clean up – leaves, branches, weeds – and cleaning tack is always necessary. The school newspaper could photograph the event and write an article for publicity. The wood shop could take on a project of building framed screens to block off areas that pigeons want to nest in.  We also need to invent a way of keeping the pigeons off shelves around stalls. Prototypes would be tested, then built and installed. (These pigeons present a real problem that needs to be solved soon!)  Ideas are limitless!

Any organizations that have clients needing to fill community service hours, could offer them our Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred Retirement facility as a place to help a nonprofit and work with horses while fulfilling their obligation. We have been successful in doing this in the past, and would like to continue  to help the community.

Please contact us with your ideas and let us know when you can begin working on a project. We are looking forward to  meeting you!

Your time with us is greatly appreciated!