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So Happy to Help

So happy to help. . .

Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred Retirement is a 501c3 non profit organization.  We depend entirely on volunteers in order to care for our horses and to maintain their paddocks and training areas.

To become a volunteer, you will have to fill out our volunteer application and our liability release form. Please bring these with you when you come to visit us at Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred Retirement in Shapleigh, Me.

You do not have to have any experience with horses to work with us because we have a need for volunteers in many areas such as maintenance, repair, fundraising, record keeping, and marketing. Of course, if you do have experience with horses, our horses love the extra attention you can give them by grooming and grazing them and helping with their exercise and training. Assisting us with barn chores and paddock maintenance is always greatly appreciated .

So, if you love horses, as we do, and have the time and the talents we need for the care of horses, we would love to meet you and discuss your ideas.  Call us at 207- 432-0929 to set up a time for your  visit.  Following is information on the many ways you can volunteer. Feel free to share any ideas of your  own.


Sign for fundraiser
Fundraising Team

Our fundraising team is just developing.  It will include organizing the usual rummage sales and silent auctions and many more of your creative ideas!  One idea is to research and contact community service organizations that may be  interested in coming to our facility to work on a clean up day; or may have programs offering monetary  funds for our wish list or for the horses directly.

We will welcome volunteers that have experience in grant writing as well. QHTR is in it’s third year and this qualifies us to begin applying for grants.  It will involve a lot of paperwork to complete applications, and set up a system  to track correspondence and progress.

How can we use marketing to create high interest and involvement  in our planned events and activities?  Is there someone with marketing experience that can volunteer their time and/or teach us how to get started?  We feel this is most important to the success of all our programs!
If you want to be involved in any area of this team please contact us.

Horse show team-Alex and Keiren
Eventing Team

 QHTR has been developing an eventing team. We have competed several times locally and work with volunteers to help at the horse shows. Our volunteers help to organize and pack the equipment we need onto the trailer and load the horses. At the event they help unload the horses and walk them around to keep them relaxed and to familiarize them with their new environment.  They help us follow the show schedule, put event numbers on jackets. water the horses, and what about lunch and photographs and packing up after a great day!
Let us know if you would like to join us in eventing this summer – contact us.

Kippy stadium jumping
Jump Building Team

We have also been working on setting up stadium jumps and a cross country course. Stadium jumps are easy to build ourselves and great fun to design and paint.

Cross country jumps have to present a variety of challenges for the jumper at different levels of difficulty.  Materials are usually found objects – tree branches, old tires, plants etc.   Designing and measuring the course is also a challenge!

As we add to our jumping areas, we are creating a great place to practice.  If you have ideas and are interested in helping improve our jumping facility please contact us!

Spring clean up
Maintenance Team

Maintaining the QHTR facility is a constant undertaking. This is why we have a maintenance team.

In the spring, the driveway and lawns need filling in and raking from snow plow damage. Riding areas need to be cleared of fallen limbs and trees.
In the summer and fall, caterpillar tents have to be removed as well as wasp nests! Training areas need to be kept clear of weeds and loose rocks. Paddocks need raking.  Fences always need to be reinforced.  Scrub brush under the fences and in paddock/training areas need to be cleared. Tree limbs have to be trimmed from trails and the backfield perimeter.
Truck and van
Winter! In the winter, snow has to be shoveled after every storm – around the barn doors;  in paddocks, opening paths to feed tubs; around the horse van; and several gates have to be kept cleared.  Ice has to be dealt with – in paths, in water buckets and on eaves.

We need a dedicated team of maintenance volunteers. If you enjoy working outside and have time to help – contact us!

This stall needs major repair
Repair Team

The repair team is invaluable to us.  They are often called on in emergency situations that could result in injuries to horses.

Some horses chew and/or kick down their stall walls. Stall doors get stuck or kicked in and have to be rebuilt. Stall windows have to be protected with boards that get loose. Barn doors come loose, get stuck or derailed. The barn itself, as it gets repaired, needs painting.
Fence after wind storm
Storms knock over large spans of fencing, and horses chew at the rails.   Nails get loose in fencing and cause injuries to eyes and gashes to legs, so fence lines need to be checked periodically.
If you have carpentry skills to help with these types of repairs and some time to volunteer, please contact us!

We are always looking for experienced equestrians to work with our horses: training, exercising, and helping to heal wounds. They  also need a lot of personal attention: grazing, grooming and helping at feed times with special diets.

Cori-a quiet moment

Horses offer a lot in return too, an exercise partner while grazing, a listening ear, and a soft nose to tickle. They can’t wait to meet you!

Thank you for your interest. You will find a volunteer application and a liability release form by using this link, and if you have questions – contact us!