Adopt a Horse


The adoption process at QHTR  is lengthy, including interviews, on site visits, and an application form asking for information about stabling, vet care, and your knowledge of horses.  We want to know what your personal riding  skills are, what activities you will be doing with your horse, and why you like horses!

Adoption Rules and Guidelines

Each potential adopter, before filling out an application is encouraged to read the adoption contract and the cost statement outlining how much money and time is involved in horse ownership.

If you want to adopt a horse, come to the farm for an interview and to meet the horses. You should be certain you  want to proceed with an adoption.  During the interview,  you will be advised as to what owning a horse involves and we will try to answer any questions you have.

Adopters must have approved shelter and paddock for their horse or a space at a boarding facility.

Access to veterinary care, a farrier, and an equine dentist is expected.

You should be aware of  all the equipment and supplies you will be needing.

Adopters must be at least 21 years of age.
There should be  no history of animal abuse or neglect.

There will be a non refundable adoption fee payable in full before any contract becomes complete.  (Adoption fees depend upon individual circumstances.)
Adopted horses cannot be given away, leased out, resold, rehomed or bred without the approval of QHTR.

If you are no longer able to care for your adopted horse,  the horse  must be returned to  QHTR or to another approved location.  (adoption fees will not be refunded, other restrictions apply).
The relocation process will begin with a written notice via email with a minimum of 60 days notice.  A current negative coggins test is needed  and you must  have current shots records available for  Rabies, 4/5 Way and West Nile vaccinations.

Each potential adopter is required to fill out an Adoption Application. The application must be printed and mailed to QHTR and will then be reviewed for approval. Please keep a printed copy for your own records. Adopters are required to abide by our adoption contract.

Contact us if you have questions.