About Us


 When we first saw Rocky Knolls Farm, we fell in love with the location and history, but it was far from ready for horses!  We had to build stalls in the barn, fence in paddocks and reclaim fields.  Many friends and neighbors helped get us to where we are today, and for the past fifteen years Tamay has worked and trained horses from her farm in Maine.

Tamay Riding KippyAfter working at race tracks all over the country as a jockey and trainer, Tamay relocated to her farm in Maine.  She continued her career, focusing on racing in Boston.  On many occasions, trainers asked Tamay to help them rehabilitate and find homes for their horses. Whenever possible she agreed and was successful in finding homes for many wonderful racehorses.

When Reine des Coeurs was injured in a race, Tamay left racing to facilitate Reine’s recovery. Reine was so courageous, she became our inspiration. During this two year period, Tamay decided to create an entity to reach out to as many retiring and injured racehorses as possible. Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred Retirement came to be a 501c3 non-profit organization. It took a year to achieve this status.

Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred Retirement is a safe haven. Here is where former racehorses can recover from injuries, learn new skills, and when possible, find new homes through adoption or leasing. Ultimately, this can be their permanent home.

As the President, Tamay is leading this fledgling organization, researching, networking and training racehorses to find a new purpose following their retirement.

Fundraising grant writing and finding sponsors will be our main focus this year, along with marketing.  Call to discuss your interest in any of these areas: 207-432-0929  or 207-604-4248.

QHTR has been developing an eventing team. We have competed several times locally and work with volunteers to help at competitions. Perhaps you would like to join us in eventing this summer.

We have also been working on setting up stadium jumps and a cross country course.  This will be  a great place to practice.  If you have ideas and are interested you can contact us!

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