Reine's cast is off

Queen of Hearts

On July 13, 2011, Reine was racing in an allowance race at Suffolk Downs. She had just won two races in a row, and was the one to beat that day but after the finish line, she took a bad step.

Jimmy, Kippy, and Tank

Volunteers, We Need You

Queen of Hearts Thoroughbred Retirement is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We depend entirely on volunteers to care for our horses and to maintain their paddocks and training areas.

In our corner

The Horses

The horses are allowed time to let down from the fast pace of racing, and then are rehabilitated and retrained to begin new careers as jumpers, eventers, dressage horses and trail horses.

Queen of Hearts also offers limited space for sanctuary horses who cannot be adopted due to old racing injuries or temperament. These horses will live out their days at the farm in peace enjoying the retirement they deserve.

Farm view from road

The Farm

 When we first saw Rocky Knolls Farm, we fell in love with the location and history, but it was far from ready for horses!  We had to build stalls in the barn, fence in paddocks and reclaim fields.

Training Cori

What We Do

Tamay has worked at race tracks all over the country as a jockey and trainer. When possible she has helped rehabilitate and find homes for race horses. We are continuing this mission as well as training horses for new careers.

Back lawn at sunset

How You Can Help

We need you in our corner.This year especially, we will begin focusing on fund raising and grant writing. If you have experience and interest in these areas, we  would like to discuss them with you.